Where the roads end, Mustang begins
Where roads end, Mustang begins.

Welcome to Mustang Helicopters!

Since our 2001 arrival in Western Canada, Mustang Helicopters has quickly grown to become one of Canada’s leading helicopter charter service providers. With a strong foundation established in 1989 in Eastern Canada, we have over 22 years of service excellence to meet your job requirements from coast to coast and abroad.
By dependably meeting diverse challenges, our clients have come to rely on us to safely get the job done right, on time and on budget. Built on the strength and dedication of our employees, Mustang Helicopters has become the charter company of preference for a wide and varied range of Industry sectors and Government agencies.
Mustang is acutely aware of how quickly the costs associated with helicopter support can add up. We have embraced new technology such as Flight Following and GPS navigation systems to keep us on track and on budget! Mustang professionals are experts in identifying all logistics required to support helicopter field operations. We will partner with you to determine your specific requirements for successful job completion from planning through implementation processes. The winning combination of, state of the art equipment, highly experienced pilots, an unwavering commitment to safety and progressive management gives Mustang the necessary formula to undertake and accomplish all jobs efficiently.

 Let the professionals at Mustang handle all your helicopter needs !